Copenhagen, November 2023 - Bioli is excited to announce its collaboration with DTU to develop novel, low-environmental-impact skincare formulations. The innovation project: ‘Advancing skincare through biosolutions’, made possible by Innovation Fund Denmark, will focus on efficacy and sustainability in skincare, prioritizing both skin health and environmental well-being.

Leveraging the expertise and resources of both organizations, the collaboration reflects the commitment of both parties to sustainability. The project will take place at DTU Biosustain (Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability).

Paving the way for a more sustainable industry

The skincare industry is a polluting sector with ingredients transported from overseas, generating transport-related CO2 emissions, and ingredients extracted from plants, taking up valuable farmland and requiring production process that drain our limited resources. Many products also include microplastics causing water pollution and perfumes causing air pollution.

Bioli is on an impact-driven mission to develop the next generation of skincare and drive change through more sustainable solutions, and is therefore very excited about the collaboration with DTU.

"The collaboration marks a significant step toward a more sustainable and innovative future for the skincare industry. We feel very fortunate to work with DTU and such clever minds, leveraging their great experience," says CEO & Founder of Bioli, Nina Wiberg Rosenquist. 

A Master Thesis project

The focus of the project is to develop and optimize activity assays for selected ingredients, evaluate their efficacy, and conduct preliminary Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), throughout the remainder of this year and next year.

 The project will be executed as a master's thesis by Hafsah Akthar, who studies Applied Chemistry at DTU with a great interest in analytical chemistry and a passion for skincare. Hafsah will be mentored by Postdoc Onur Kirtel and supervised by Group Leader Ditte Welner at DTU Biosustain. 

DTU will contribute its research facilities. Managed by Bioli’s Research Scientist, Aldo Seguel, the two teams will meet on an ongoing basis to discuss the latest developments, remaining open to potential adjustments based on evolving results to develop the most effective solutions.

Granted by Innovation Fund Denmark

To support the impact-driven mission, Bioli has been granted Innovation Fund Denmark's product development grant Innobooster for the research and exploration to advance the field of skincare through biotech. The grant covers parts of the collaboration with DTU.


For media inquiries, please contact: Nina Wiberg Rosenquist, CEO & Founder, Bioli, 


Bioli ApS is a Danish biotech skincare company on an impact-driven mission to improve social and environmental sustainability. Bioli aims to help those suffering from sensitive skin while reducing environmental impact in a polluted industry by introducing low-impact and mild yet effective and protective skincare to the market.

DTU Biosustain is an interdisciplinary research center that develops new knowledge and technology to support the production of bio-chemicals using microbial production hosts called cell factories. The Centre is part of a cluster of Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers that aim to attract the world's best researchers, thereby creating an internationally oriented and innovative research environment.